5 Art Supplies You Must have in your Stash

Have no idea what basic art supplies every artist must have on the list? Here are the top five must-have art supplies to kickstart your art career. 


Art is a broad matter and has different kinds — visual art, graphic art, plastic art, decorative art, and a lot more that promotes a message, advocate for a cause, boost a culture, or simply express an essence through this form of medium. But as an artist yourself, you may have thought of the common denominator art materials for every kind of art. Here is a list of the basic art supplies that you must have in your stash. 

Must-have art supplies 

  1. Drawing board 

Art can be free or in accordance with a plan — there is no in-between. If you utilize the latter method, then you need a drawing book! In this way, the process will be efficient and convenient. 

The 8.5-12 inch LCD Drawing Board is a widely-used drawing board for most artists.

  1. Markers

You can never go wrong with markers! Keep in mind that good quality markers should have a different range of millimeters (to cater to a wide array of art), should not take too long to dry, and have full and solid color. 

  1. Paint set 

Of course, colors will never go out of the list. Either you are in for a black and white portrait or a detailed picturesque art, you need a paint set to highlight objects and shades. Invest in a supreme quality paint set. You can try the 12 pieces Profession Acrylic Paints for starters and affordability.

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